Some Video Tutorials to Help you Get By with the Basics

How to Watch Movies.

This video will show you how to navigate and use the movies section.

When watching a movie, we recommend using the search engines like Exodus or Elysium. Exodus is a search engine that finds files/sources  from hundreds of video libraries.  After clicking on a movie you will see Exodus doing a search/scan. Once its done a list of files will appear.  Just click on the first file. If the first file doesn't play or buffers, simply exit the movie and choose the next file down. 

Salts works the same way as exodus,  but you may have to click on the movie to populate the list 2 or 3 times. Once the list is fully populated and there is no or little scraper time outs, choose the first link. If that link doesnt work, populate the list again and choose the next file down.  We recommend choosing GVIDEO files first because they are using fast servers and provide better playback.

You can also use other categories or sections like HD releases. When selecting a movie you may see 2-4 links.  If the first link doesnt work, simply choose the next link down.

How To Watch TV SHOWS

This video will show you how to navigate and use the TV SHOWS section. 

For TV SHOWS we once again recommend using Exodus first. If you find that a specific file name worked great for your first episode, then try to use that same file for the next.  Elysium and Specto work the same way as Exodus.  

How To Watch SPORTS 

This video will show you how to navigate and use the Sports section.  

The sports section has been updated but this video still shows the old way to watch sports.  The video still demostrates how to watch spots, but we simply made the categories easier to find your sports.  For example, there are now individual sections for NFL, MLB, NBA, UFC, NHL, and Racing.  In each section you will find different sports streaming sites for the sport you select.  In each section there is also replays and highlights from that sport.  We do not host or provide these streams.  Quality and availability are out of our control.  


PRO SPORTS provides links for professional sports. Sometmes the links need to be updated so if you dont find a file that works in PRO SPORTS, try using LIVE SPORTS.

How to use TERRARIUM

This Video will Demonstrate how to use Terrarium

Terrarium is similar to exodus and allow your to watch movies and tv shows. With a very different layout, some users may need to watch the video to learn how to use terrarium.  We do recommend using your mouse and the ESC button as well as the directional pad to navigate in Terrarium.


Go to your INTERNET BROWSER(GOOGLE CHROME) on the main screen of your TV BOX.  Go to and use your mouse to click on download MOBDRO. Now wait 2-3 minutes for it to download and exit out of your internet browser and go to MY APPS.  Now look for APP INSTALLER and enter.  Click on LOCAL DISC and wait for the scan to complete.  Now you Will see MODBRO,  click on it and install. Now in my apps, you find the MODBRO APP.

Performing an Internet Speed Test

This video will show you how to perform a speed test on your unit.

To Begin Click on the Icon  that Looks Like a Speedometer it also Says OOKLA. It is Near the Bottom Left Area of the Screen.

When the Speed Test Application Starts up It will select a server near your location to accurately test your connection
When it is Ready Click on Begin Test Using the Mouse Pad on your Remote.

It Will Then Test Your Internet Connection Speed,  When the Test is Finished it Will Display the Results.

The Minimum Connection Speed Required is 20 Megabits Per second. However For a Better Experience With Your Television Shows and Entertainment We Recommend a Speed of 35 Megabits or higher This is also Recommended if you have more than one internet Connected Device in your home.

Setting Up a Game Controller

This video will show you how to Configure the NES and SNES Games. Below is a Set of Written Instructions

In This Video We are going to show you how to Set up your Controller Settings For The Nintendo and Super Nintendo Games on Your Unit,
To Begin, Click on the My Apps Button and then Click on the John N.E.S  Application

Using the Arrow Keys On Your Remote Or the Mouse Click on the Options Button in the Top Right of the Screen. When the Settings
Menu Comes Up Then Click on GamePad Settings.

Using the Arrow Keys On Your Remote Or the Mouse Click on the Add Button with the Plus symbol Next to it.

From Here You Can Map Buttons on a Controller or Your Remote to the Button Functions of the Game.

In This Example the A button on the Nintendo Controller will be Mapped to the F1 Key, So Select the Button A Option and Press the OK Or the Enter Button on your Remote and  Then Press the Button You Would Like to Use as The A Button on the Nintendo Game in our Example We Will Use the F1 Button.
For Button B We will Use F2 in Our Example, so Select Button B and then Press F2 or the Button You Would Like to Use as B For the Game Controls
Were Then Going to Repeat the Steps For the Select, Start Up Down Left and Right button options
After Configuring Your Controls We are Going to Press the ESC
Then When you Come back to the my apps screen Were Going to Go Over to the John SNES  It is Going to Be a Similar Process, When John SNES Comes up Click on Settings in the Top Right Corner just as You did with the NES Program And Then Click on Game Pad Settings  Then Click on The Button A Like you Did With the NES Games And in Our Example We Will Use the F1 Key on the Remote For Button A But You May Configure These Buttons to Any layout You Wish.
Repeat the Process For the B,X,Y,L,R,Select, Start, Up,Down,Left, Right button options
After You HAve Configured the Settings you May Go in And Start one of you Games By Highlighting it and Selecting the Game you want to play and then press the Enter or OK button on your remote.
In Our Example We Will Be Using Mike Tysons Punchout, When the Game Loads Press the Button You Configured to the Start button option and the game will begin.
the Arrow Keys on Your Remote will move the Character if you Mapped them Properly and the F1 F2 Buttons will Punch and Dodge in this Game. And That is How You Configure your Game Controller Settings.

Force Closing Kodi 

This video will show you how to Force Close Kodi if it Ever Freezes up on you

To Begin Return to the Home Screen of Your Unit By Pressing the Home Key then using the mouse, Click on the window button on the far right of the black task bar at the bottom of the screen

A Window Will Appear Showing You all of the Running Applications on your unit, There Are Two Ways You Can Close the Application, Put your mouse over the app you want to close.  Now hold down the left click mouse button.  This button is located on the left side of the mouse pad where there are 4 vertical buttons. The bottom button of the 4 is the left click now you can hit ok when it shows Remove From List .

The Other Method Used Involves Highlighting the Application With Your Mouse and Then You Will double tap and hold on the Mouse pad and Swipe the Application Upwards.

Then There is Also The Settings Method. If The first Method Does not Work you can return to the home Screen by Pressing on the Home Key and then Clicking on Settings.

When the Settings Menu Pops up Were Going to Scroll over to the OTHER at the top right and go down to MORE SETTINGS and hit ok.

When the More Settings Screen Pops Up click on APPS.

When the Apps Screen Pops up Scroll Down to Kodi and then Press the OK or Enter Button,

When the Next Screen Pops up Click on Force Stop and then Click on Ok.

Then You Can Press the Home Key or the ESC (Say E S C button) Several Times until You Have Returned to the Home Screen.

And that Is How you force close an applications instead of unplugging device.

More Videos Coming Soon

Stay Tuned