The Addons On Your Device

What They are and What They Do


A power outage or unplugging the unit can cause the date and time to be wrong. Your date and time will eventually connect to the time server but to speed up the process we recommend going to settings and unchecking the  wifi box and rechecking it  and reconnecting to your network.  You may have to repeat a couple of times and try to reconnect to your wifi.                                                                                         

  • 1. Go to Settings  
  • 2. Uncheck the WIFI BOX or uncheck ETHERNET if you are using ETHERNET  
  • 3. Now Recheck the WIFI BOX 
  • 4. Now Reconnect to your Network, enter password and hit connect now 
  • 5. Repeat 2-3 times if necassary 

 Blue bubble screen

If you see a blue kodi screen that shows PICTURES-VIDEOS-MUSIC-PROGRAMS-SETTINGS  then you have lost your custom  Kodi  configuration.  

  •  1. Go to PROGRAMS and hit OK
  •  2. Click on PROGRAM ADDONS
  •  3. Now look for your distributors CUSTOM SETUP APP. For Example, the custom app may be labeled something like TVBOX setup .
  •  4. Now Click on LATEST BUILD. DOWNLOADING will begin and once complete, follow the instructions and hit YES TO CLOSE.  
  •  5. Now go back into your Entertainment Center

Nothing I try to play works 

You may have lost connection to your router from a power outage  or internet outage.  We recommend doing a speed test to check if you have a strong connection with proper speeds.  If the speed test says network communication error then you need to establish a connection.                                                                            

  • 1. Do a Speed TEST - If it says NETWORK  ERROR - go to step 2 
  • 2. Unplug power to  your router for 2 minutes 
  • 3. Turn off your TV BOX 
  • 4. Plug power back in to your router and turn on your TV BOX 
  • 5. When your TV BOX is back on, go to settings and reconnect to your network 
  • 6. Do another SPEED TEST - If test shows you have speed and no NETWORK ERROR, then your connection should be fixed 

The screen size of the movie is zoomed in and/or off centered

  • 1. Go to Settings 
  • 2. Now go over to DISPLAY 
  • 3. Click HDMI auto-detection to OFF.  Now you will have the option to select what resolution or HDMI output setting.  We recommend you try 1080p - 60 hz for newer TVs or 720-60hz for older TVs.  One of these two options will usually fix your screen resolution issues. 

One or more items Failed to PLay.  Check the LOG for more info.

This simply means the file we selected was unavailable or has been removed.   There is no need to check the log.  Simply try to choose another file for the program you are trying to watch.  Try using a different search engine to play the video you are looking for as well.  If its a rare film or show, try looking in youtube.

No Stream Available

This means there are no files available for the program your are trying to watch.  Some Movies may be too new and not have files yet.  Some TV shows may not be popular enough and no digital files were found in the video libraries we are scanning.

More Addon Information Coming Soon

Stay Tuned