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Why is nothing working?

This usually means you have lost internet connection between the TV box and the router. Go to Settings and check if WIFI is connected. Do a Speedtest to make sure you have a good speed.  If speed test says network communication error then unplug the power to your router and turn off the TV box. Plug power into router and power on the TV box and connect back to your network.

Go to our  SPEEDTEST VIDEO and troubleshooting section for more info.  

Why does it say "No Stream Available?

This  means there was no file source available for the movie or show you selected. Newer movies may not have digital copies available yet. Some TV shows may not have files because they are much older shows or not popular enough. Most daily TV shows will be harder to find files for as well. Trying other locations like SALTS, Primewire, and Youtube can often locate the movie/show you are looking for. 

Watch our how to watch movies and tv shows video for more info.

Why is it buffering?

Buffering is usually caused by slow internet speed.  However, if your internet speed is above 20 MBPS and you still have buffering, you need to choose another link. The file you selected could be on a server with heavy traffic or is not strong enough to provide quality playback.  GVIDEO links are usually best.

Go to our SPEEDTEST VIDEO and troubleshooting section for more info. 

Why is my screen is frozen? 

We are selecting files from hundreds of sites around the world and  connecting to many different servers.  When navigating the internet on any device freezes/glitches can occur.   This unit is a mini computer and can experience issues when selecting and streaming various files due to the websites we are streaming from.

Go to  our FORCE CLOSE video and  troubleshooting section for more info

Why is my keyboard not working? 

Take out the USB receiver out of the back of the keyboard. Plug into the left side of your TV BOX into one of the USB ports. Make sure to turn the remote on.   Still not working, take the battery out and switch usb ports.Reinsert battery and turn remote back on.  Make sure the remote is charged. 

What internet speeds should i have?

Over 15-20 mbps is preferred coming into the TV BOX.  Having your tv box as close to the router as possible will greatly increase speeds and signal strength.

Why is my screen size too big or too small?

You will need to adjust your screen size. Go to Settings and go to display.  Adjust your display position. Go to our SETUP Section for more info about        adjusting your screen size.     Go to our troubleshooting section and look for Adjusting your screen size.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Should I use an ethernet cord? 

We always recommend using an ethernet cord if your tv box is close to your router.  The ethernet cord will give you a more direct and powerful connection.  Speeds should be more stable and increase as well.

It says "swipe down from top" How do i get this message off?

Use your mouse pad to put the mouse pointer over the "ok". Now tap twice on mouse pad to hit the "ok" and it will be removed from the screen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

My date and time are wrong.

Unplugging the box  can cause this issue.  If connected to the wifi, uncheck the wifi box and recheck and reconnect to your network.  You may have to  repeat if necessary. 

Why is there foreign subtitles on my movie or show?

Early movie releases from Asia often have asian subtitles.  They are released much earlier than dvd release.  You cant take off the subtitles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Why is this movie low quality?

Some movies that are still in theaters may be in very low quality which are labeled cams.  These were recorded in theaters and we dont recommend watching these low quality streams. We suggest waiting for the HD copy to  be released.

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