What They are and What They Do


Add-ons are like apps that developers write code and scripts to connect us to various websites and servers around the world.


These are your search engine  add-ons listed above.  Think of them as search engines like YAHOO, GOOGLE, and BING.  By selecting a movie or a tv show, the addon/app scans the internet for video files for title selected.   The scan searches and scrapes websites from all over the world to find video files.

Exodus, Elysium,  and Specto - When selecting a file, choose the first one on the list.  Exodus will auto scan down the list to find a playable video file.  The scan could stop on the 6th file but may not play or buffers immediately.  If this happens, exit the movie and choose the next link or the 7th link.  The auto scan will begin down the list again.Also, try to pay attention to which file names work best and use those same file names for the next episode.    Some files are located on better/faster servers than other file.  The faster the server, the better the playback.  We always recommend using GVIDEO links first because they are on fast servers.  

USTV NOW which is labeled as BASIC 7 under the live tv section is a very reliable source for ABC,NBC,FOX,CBS,CW, My9 , and PBS. You must go to their website and create a free account just by entering your email and creating a password. Once youve created an account go to the BASIC 7 section under LIVE TV and enter your email and password.  USTV NOW also offers a service that is $20 per month for the top 28 cable channels all in HD. Go to their website www.ustvnow.com for more information.

More Addon Information Coming Soon

Stay Tuned